Friday, July 4, 2008

Quick! Hide the tea!

Happy 4th of July. (c: Though at this moment, it's technically not the 4th anymore. It's the 5th, which is less exciting.

Regardless, I hope everyone out there had a safe and fun holiday. Mine was decent this year...better than some, not quite as cool as some of the others but generally all good.

We watched things go boom, we made some things go bang and we lit really, really giant sparklers. Still the best toy ever. (c:

I spent the beautiful sunny day having a bike ride and painting at a friend's house and then came back and ate some dinner and enjoyed some fireworks.

There's a party tomorrow evening...going to go rock that out I do believe. Hopefully (c: Lots of insanity-though I'm only going to know two people so hopefully I can make some new friends.

There is an artist residence in Germany that pays you a monthly stipend so I am frantically trying to get my stuff together for that application. It sounds amazing. It is amazing.

1200 euros a month. Fully furnished apartment complex. A chance to spend 6 months working on art. uninterrupted. Cool. (c: to bed. G'night.


Lisa said...

Happy 5th! The German thing sounds fantastic. Where in Germany would it be? Good luck on the application!

Steve Malley said...

The 4th sort of snuck up on me this year, what with the sudden snowstorm and all...

Good luck with the residence. I hope you win!

Riss said...

Thanks to both of you (c: Me too Steve!

It's in Bad Ems, Germany. Somewhere near Rhineland/Mainz I think? It sounds awesome. (c: I'm working on getting a few new pieces done so I can get them photographed and include them in the application. (c: