Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ok, so I just woke up from one of those naps that feel like you might as well have been asleep for weeks...serious stuff. (c: everything I own smells like Herbal Essences. This isn't usually a bad thing, except that it's not mine. Turns out someone's stuff emptied near or onto my bag and the straps on my backpack and outside pockets smell really, really, intensely like shampoo now.

I'll have to avoid rainstorms.

So-dunno why but it struck my fancy to post one of my photos from switzerland on here....I put the rest onto so if any of ya'll are interested, you can go check out the stuff there. One day, I will eventually get a full fledged account and you can look at all my random stuff instead of just the first 200.




Lisa said...


Take your time -- you'll be back on a European body clock just in come back ;)

Steve Malley said...

That was a fast nap!

At least, it was for me, since I just read these two posts together...

And look on the bright side: at least it was shampoo that spilled on your pack and not, say, a fine dusting of heroin. Or patchouli.