Saturday, July 26, 2008

Spiders and I need to reach an understanding

I hate them. They should fear me. We're good. Except, I'm a total pussy. I scurried from the bathroom to go find the vacuum at midnight thirty so I could destroy a daddy long legs. Why? Because I can't actually bring myself to A: get that close enough to one and B: I can't kill something bigger than a quarter (this guy was a really long legged daddy long legs) without feeling somewhat guilty.

The kid is safe despite my threats.

I don't get it though-I have this like sixth sense about bugs and spiders in general. I can be minding my own business and all of a sudden I look up without any reason and there's a spider no one else can even spot immediately crawling on the ceiling.

It happens all. the. time.

I have only one solution: I'm turning into Spiderwoman.

Or I'm a paranoid.

I'll let the readers decide. Either more stupid bugs for one day. Spent the day cleaning out and destroying Spider Valhalla in the garage (well...more like watching the woman of the house do the destroying while I stood just outside putting together moving boxes with my hood over my head in the heat to avoid getting grossness in my hair and whatever....trying to look busy and not freaked out and utterly disgusted.) and packing and repacking things into new boxes for the upcoming move.

And then, the ultimate reward...we drove to Oldenburg (just imagine two dots above the O and U respectively) and spent the entire day at the sauna. These God blessed, heaven sent little creations where you get to run around sans clothing in an entirely chill environment enjoying various scented baths, swimming pools etc. Not that people don't know what a sauna is but it's just cool. It's like a spa but affordable. And I have to get up, get dressed and play with the kids once every few hours. It was good stuff.

We spent the whole day there like I said...I collected the kid from the play area, brought him up to the main sauna area, he ate some ice cream, the parents and I drank a beer, hung out and then went back out for more punishment hehe.

Das kind was a bit hyper...ok a lot hyper...even a solid thwack on the head (not induced by me sadly) couldn't shut him up or get him to listen. One of these days I'll accidentally shove him front of something big and let him get the idea the hard (er) way. He's already been sentenced to do the dishes until February after every meal for smarting off...I'll start pulling computer time next.

Aren't I just a big ol' smelly foot. I ruin all the fun. Heh.

He's on this kick recently where he's decided he is God and is therefore the best and most clever at everything. Sort of makes me wonder why he's the one who ends up on his butt every time we play what he calls "karate". Hm. Perhaps the Master is letting his humble student (apparently me) win because I'm a girl. That's his reasoning.

I think it's because he's a good for nothing 11 year old ragamuffin hehe. I mean that nicely, he's a sweet kid. Sort of a stinker but whatever. He's 11. (c:

Nothing rocketing or particularly esoteric or philosophic or intelligent for this evening...I'm tired. (C: Lots of sun and playing and moving and yeah...good things today.

Met a guy who speaks 10 languages. Totally awesome. I'm aiming for 5 at the moment. I have about 1 and a half if you count English but whatever...I'm getting there. It looks like I'll be getting signed up for German lessons and French lessons in Stuttgart because I really want to learn and it's sort of required for that day whenever I decide if I'm going to pursue my art history degree. some good news today too-there is a lady down in Weston, MO who wanted my jewelry in her friend and business partner in crime brought it all down and she loved it. I guess there were some people looking things over before my friend even left. This could be good.

Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do about getting more merchandise to my friend in the States by the 1st of August hehe...that might be a bit of a problem. We'll see what happens.

I found some cool bead stores online in Germany that have good shipping prices and the such for inter-country stuffs so that could end up saving me some money. Also, one of them is in a port town so their prices are low. This is a good thing. :D

Off to do some searching and sleeping.


Steve Malley said...

Here in my Vast and Shadowy Secret Headquarters, spiders and their webs are part of the expected window dressing.

Any spider smaller than a human foot gets put outside. Gently. Those spiders big enough to steal food off my plate may, at their option, engage me in single-handed, one-on-one combat.

Those few brave enough (or dumb enough, which is much the same thing) to actually *try* stealing my food must face me in the Circle of Death.

It is the way of my people.

Congratulations on the jewelry!!

MelanieD said...

Well I am glad you are honing your spider killing skills, because when you come to stay with us in the states you may have to use them. :) Our apartment is known to have a few of those..... So um anyway sent you an email about the jewlery stuffs. I'm heading back to Weston tomorrow to drop off the loot. I hear there is a busy weekend afoot. Write soon!