Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stolen Meme

I like Meme's....I can just answer questions. They are like the adult versions of MASH or something.

Anyway....shamelessly stolen without being invited (sorry...) from Lisa.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Ten years ago...well...I was attending ThunderRidge High School in Highlands Ranch Colorado. I was 15. I was on the verge of having a driver's permit. I was taking AP Literature and Composition and reading a lot of books. I was an awkward kid in a lot of ways. I had just gotten braces, which I had fought against for umpteen years and finally lost the battle against. Unlike most kids, I didn't really mind them all that much. They were taken off the day of my senior prom so I lucked out. I also begged a lot. Like, a lot.

I was living with my mom (obviously) on the same street and in the same house I had been living in since I was born and I had a crazy dog that I named (at the age of 6) Pup Pup.

I worked at McDonald's because I could walk and I remember starting off making 6.15/hour and then getting a ten cent raise. I also remember being told that if I worked as much as I talked, I'd be a lot better off. I haven't ever forgotten that manager or that....it still hasn't sunk in but she was right in a lot of ways. (c:

I was a year (or almost) into knowing one of the best people in my life and almost to the point where I would meet the next best person in my life though i didn't know it. I met my best friend and was learning how to be a normal kid...I spent a lot of my childhood without friends and I was seriously missing some of the "normal kid" requirements. But I got sorted out.

Five things on your to-do list for today

1. Go to the post office to mail Lisa's necklace that she ordered from me.

2. Run to the bead store

3. Meet up with a friend and fellow artist for some afternoon painting and art class instructing

4. Get my room cleaned up again

5. Dye my fabric that has been sitting on my floor waiting...patiently...

What would you do if you were a billionaire?

This question has always annoyed and fascinated me at the same time. On one hand, it's nice to think about all the things you would do or would like to do and yet I keep wanting to say "but what about what I can do now...why can't I do these things with less money?"

To indulge, however, momentarily in the idea of having endless amounts of money, I would start off by getting my mom a new house and getting some things set up for my dad and extended family. That's a given.

I would then turn around and purchase as many untouched rainforests as i could and leave them that way. I wouldn't let Kleenex (who are a bunch of dirty bastards) cut down any more trees for their stupid tissues http://www.kleercut.com/ and I would see about working out some sort of give and take program, work issue something or other that would allow people who really do rely on certain things to make money for their families to continue to do so...but with a bit more conservation in mind instead of just greed. I'm a hippie. I know.

I would also like to dump a bunch of money into our education systems....and control where it goes and who it goes to.

In short, I'd like to take over the world. Or at least reorganize a big part of big business...but with a charming diplomatic smile on my face and a big ol' fat check waiting for whomever...it'd work. (c:

And, I have to agree with Lisa, setting up several artist retreats that were paid for or could pay the artist that weren't only for the "elite" would be amazing. Totally a life dream. One that I intend to do without having to be a billionaire first. It would help but it's not required I don't think.

What are three of your bad habits?

1. Twirling my hair when I'm idle or really worked up...i'm like a wind up toy

2. Staying up really really late

3. Losing things. You know that phrase about losing your own head if it weren't attached to you? Yeah...it was created for me.

What are some snacks you enjoy?

1. Raisinets

2. Cashews or really any kind of nuts

3. Salt and Vinegar chips

4. Trail mix

5. Fruit. Lots of fruit. Specifically of the mango, apple or pear variety.

What were the last five books you read?

1. Water for Elephants which was darn good, darnit.

2. Let's Go Eastern Europe (yeah...i actually read the whole thing)

3. Really Loud and Extremely Close

4. Memoirs of my Melancholy Whores

5. 500 Bracelets (it was more of a looking through and not a reading...but i went through all of them)

I need to read more books soon. I've been slacking. Or I'm just having alzheimers at the moment and am forgetting something.

What are five jobs you have had?

Oh God...hehe..here we go, in no particular order

1. Subway Sandwhich Artist (gag me)

2. Bartender for two nights at a crazy Mexican bar where no one spoke English

3. Waitress at a Comedy Club that was run by some really whacky brothers who have sordid histories.

4. Administrative Assistant for a construction company

5. Owner of my own very small business

What are five places where you have lived?

1, Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I grew up here, I was raised here and I stayed here for 19 years until I moved away to...Drumroll

2. Kansas City-for college. This is where I currently live. I've been here about five years and I like the city and I have a lot of really great friends who put up with me and all my eccentricities.

3. Wilhelmshaven, Germany. I lived here for about 3 months off and on doing some artwork, hanging out with some kids and all that good stuff...

4. Mersin, Turkey. I lived here for 2 months with my family prior to starting all of my travels around Europe. It might be a bit of a short amount of time to really be considered "living" but it was close enough

5. I don't think there's a fifth one...I never moved as a kid. I guess I can say Europe. I lived in and around Europe for almost 7 months. I'm a big 'ol cheater I know.

So yeah...that's it.


Steve Malley said...

Tell you what, Riss, I'll tag you when I finally finish doing this one.

Consider yourself retroactively grandfathered! :-D

Lisa said...

Aww. You are tagged by me too. The funny thing about memes is that there are enough bloggers who whine that they don't like them that I'm always hesitant to tag anybody. I think the reality is that most of us actually like doing them.

I give you huge kudos for leaping off the deep end of the pool and wandering around Europe after having lived in the same place your whole life. You are brave!

Yeah, thumbs up on the S&V chips ;)

The Comedy Club gig must have been pretty interesting. I did a few cocktail waitressing events years ago and I was a TERRIBLE waitress!

Also -- my first job was at a sub shop in Massachusetts -- looks like we have that one in common too.

Steve Malley said...

Oops, I was going to tell you that you're officially tagged now, but I see Lisa got you too. :D

Riss said...

lol. (c: I should steal things more often. hehe. I like them generally. I think a lot of them are interesting. I meant to do a bit more with that one but I sorta lost my train of thought because my little sister was up waaaay late and I had to keep running back and forth to tell her to go back to bed. The genius of three year olds.

And really, I wasn't complaining or anything about not being tagged, I just decided to steal it and I figured i could at least be somewhat cheeky about doing it instead of just taking it hehe. But thanks and I'll keep my eye out for any of those in the future hehe.

Tim said...

Very interesting, Riss. The impulse to go somewhere you don't know anything about and get lost there has been one of the governing imperatives of my life. Most people don't act on it. Is there any better feeling than having an airline ticket in your pocket and knowing that when the plane lands you'll be someplace that's completely unknown?

Let's collaborate on another meme -- what we were feeling, who we were seeing, what we were doing wrong or (as it may have turned out) right ten years ago. I'll be we could come up with something great in about fifteen minutes, and then we could both tag Lisa. That'll show her.