Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Friend's Wedding

What a fantastic ceremony! My friend Deanna and her fiancee now husband James got married last night at the Uptown. Beautiful. She had an amazing photographer on site who caught some amazing photos of them at the ceremony, reception and during the pre-game scramble to get ready for everything. Great stuff.

It's strange to have my friends get married but in this situation, I think it's a really, really good match. They are both really mellow, really cool and fun people who fit together. I'm sure they will have their ups and downs like anyone or any couple but I have a really solid feeling that these two will come through to the end. I suppose we'll see. My friend said that she was excited to get started. That's a good thing to hear. I would think that is how it should be. You should be excited to start your life with someone-I have other friends who are married who are not in that place. I'm sure excitement will fade to something different but I can't see it being anything less than a much richer emotion.

Congratulations to my friends and good luck.

you can check out wedding photos here: Amazing photographer and his lovely wife.


Lisa said...

I wanted to see one with you in it!

Riss said...

lol. You can see my back in the shot where she's chucking the bouquet. I'm the one with the tattoo. (c: There will be photos that include my face at some point I'm sure.