Sunday, March 22, 2009

Holy God this crap is funny. :D

Yes...I'm sure the people at the coffee shop really think I'm crazy now because I'm sitting here snickering and grinning like a drunkard at an AA meeting.


Thank you Steve for sharing are my favorites from the "50 reasons why they don't want to publish your first book" list.

31. There’s a fine line between writing authentic regional dialogue and making all of your characters sound like stroke victims.

36. God may have told you to write this book, but he didn’t tell you how to give it a decent ending.

27. You know the talented creative writing professor who told you your work showed so much creativity and promise? Turns out what he really meant was that he wanted you to blow him.

24. The alternative-history genre has lost its appeal. Everyone knows it doesn’t matter what else would have happened if the South won the Civil War and the Nazis won WWII: George W. Bush would still have been elected president.

22. You know the part where the protagonist stuffs those puppies into the wood chipper? It’s not quite as funny as you seem to think.

Oh boy. That was fun.

Anyway-I'm going back into my cubby hole.

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