Thursday, October 2, 2008

On the road again..

No promises about the lucidity of this post, I'm lacking the appropriate coffee to blood stream ratio.

And I'm jetlagged.

And my o key is stuck. Srt f makes me want t write like this.

So I arrived last night, on time despite a delay at Chicago's airport due partially to the weather and to the fact that the valve that regulated the oil line designated to keep the fuel warm while in flight had gone schizo and they had to get it fixed. All went well with the flight though-sat behind one of the poorest examples of an American I've met in a while...

Excerpt from last night's overheard conversation:

Douchebag to the guy next to him: So, where you from?

Guy Next To Him, spoken in thick accent, moderately broken English: Austria

Douchebag: Ahh, from Down Under! (spoken in pathetic attempt at Aussie accent)

Austrian: No, not Australia-Austria.

Douchebag: Oh. Right.

Me: You know, the one by Germany.

Douchebag then proceeded to babble aimlessly and laugh at his own jokes.

Regardless, arrived back in KC with no awesome friend and now roommate made not only did I have food waiting for me...but it was hot, yummy homemade chili!

And I have a wonderful new bedroom and I slept like the dead last night. It was awesome. I got up around noon...finally. Currently feel a bit like a zombie but I think it'll be back to normal by tomorrow.

k..mre posting when my o key desn't require a ten pound grilla t sit n it t wrk.


Lisa said...

Welcome home! Land of the perpetual douche bag :)

So how long you staying? Are you gonna get to vote while you're here? Huh? Are ya?

Steve Malley said...

Yeah, vote. I can't, so you should!

I, too, suffer the lassitude. Too much blood in my caffeine-stream...