Monday, May 5, 2008

Overlooked Book Club

ok, I'm still building my blog here and while it's not Friday, I'm posting anyway dammit. I don't have a lot of time but here's my book that, to my understanding, belongs on the Friday Overlooked Book Club. (c:

It's a novella called Memoirs of my Melancholy Whores and it's awesome. It came out a bit ago, won some random foreign novel awards and was never heard from again.

it is the story of a man who is turning 90 and for his birthday he decides that he wants a night of passion. He has a history of such behavior and has never been in love. The tale that follows is not only a celebration of love but a celebration of life. The book is hilarious in parts, all being written with a very happy, tongue-in-cheek realistic approach to life. The comedy is offset by moments of open and honest tenderness. Really, really honest tenderness.

The book isn't driven so much by plot as it is by character-think The Man That Wasn't There style character films but condensed to 115 pages.

It is written by a Spanish author and the translation is beautifully done. The cast list is small, the main character, his friend who runs the brothel and the girl of his desire-a 14 year old virgin who works sewing on buttons during the day and takes care of her family.

She never actually speaks. Nor is any of the story told from or considering her point of view, it's all from the main characters perspective-an aging writer for a local newspaper.

It is a book that will make you believe in the power of love. Even if only for 115 pages.

Highly Recommended.

I will try and post more details when I have more time but it's a start.


Lisa said...

This sounds like an excellent read.

Riss said...

It's good. I found it in a bookstore in Germany on the English bookshelf...or half a shelf rather hehe. I liked it a lot. And it's quick, so even if you don't like, it's over soon (c: