Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I get it now

The following message is a Rant from your local blogger.

I get it now why people start having children at a young age.

So when they get out of prison for strangling them to death they still have time to start a real life.

They aren't even my kids....why do I care?

Not that anyone reads this anymore but I don't care...it gives me a place to vent.

I'm not saying anything new and I know this but where does it end? I get the happygoluckyigetpaidtoNOThavechildren child psychologists who say it's normal for children to test their boundaries...to look for ways around their choices....

ok. fine. then you littlemissiwouldNEVERraisemyvoicetoasweetinnocentchild come in here and deal with these insolent little walking hellspawn with mouths and get them realize that while I am generally a nice, normal person...who goes out of her way to get them to riding lessons, and drives them to school when they miss the bus, and sits for an hour braiding their hair and plays football (soccer) outside with them even when I don't feel like it or am trying to catch one of their colds that they constantly pass around....when you "if's and's and but's" me to death about going to bed or brushing your teeth or putting on your pajamas or any other number of things that I tell you to do nine times in a row I get angry.

hm...I wonder why.

I've tried taking away privileges....I get "what's so bad about that?" What's so bad about that? Oh wait and see. I can make your life a living hell...believe me. There will be yelling. And you will sit in your room and only come out for dinner if you're lucky.

I don't want to make empty threats and I don't plan on it.

Maybe I will switch tactics. They seem to react better when I get a little...pissed...as it were...this is only good for a few times though and then they get used to it or realize that I"m not as scary as I wish I was...so maybe I'll go for the disappointment route. I won't say anything. I'll just give them that look and make them think that they've fallen out of favor with me for the rest of their natural lives.

That would be good.

Anything to get some results. I try to do things the right way. Rules. Charts. Small ways of letting them know that I'm or the parents are proud of them...little exceptions when they do well or show maturity. Sometimes it works. Sometimes they run with it. Sometimes I slam the bedroom door.

I am human. The parents went upstairs to enjoy their evening and yes, while I know it's my job, occasionally it would be nice to have a little more than verbally expressed support. It's harder for two smart and clever kids to be smart and clever and cheeky when there are two adults standing there...one of them who happens to be their mother.

They made a clean escape tonight and I got to deal with them. It's fine. I like them, I know they both work hard. But when the kids are this way, they should stand there with me and help me if nothing else. Instead, I got, now listen up or it will be as Larissa says. Be good. Goodnight.

Damn straight it will be as I say. I'm the one they have to answer to when they come home after school tomorrow. I'm the one who decides if they get computer time, game boy rights, nintendo DS or play time. I'm the one who decides if we get to have a blow-off hour watching silly YouTube videos on my laptop before going to bed.

I am sick to death of parents who don't want to take responsibility for their kids. These parents are not necessarily included in this rant but I'm on the topic so why the hell not.

If you don't want to deal with kids-and I mean deal with them on every level, in every shape and form they come in-don't have them. Use a condom. Use birthcontrol. Exercise abstinence. Do whatever it is you can dream up to do that makes it so you won't procreate. There has to be a foundation in place before you drag kids into the picture. So your five year, own my own business and make plenty of money plan fell through after you had your first kid? Tough shit. You still have a kid. And you still have to step and do their homework with them....I don't care if you're tired and hungry and it takes you three hours...do it. Get over yourself and do it. Get down on their level, work with them 'til they get it. I don't care what your favorite subject was in class or if you never needed help.

Newsflash: Just because you share the same genes doesn't mean you're the same person.

Iconic and Parenting Magazine Role Model Children are fairytales. They don't actually exist-- unless they are medicated or in a wax museum.

Dealing with your kids doesn't mean shoving them on a babysitter or in front of the TV all the time. Barney wasn't hired to become your stay at home so I can go out shopping mom.

Sorry to break it to you.

What really kills me about this is that sometimes I think I care more than the parents. I care about actually getting through to them and figuring out what makes them tick and what scares them and what hurts them and what makes them laugh so I can access them. Because if I can access them I can teach them and if I can teach them then I can help them. If I can't teach them I am nothing more than a dancing monkey sent to entertain them.

I get it now why people start having children early...so they can remember, while their kids are growing up, what it was like to be a kid themselves so that maybe, just maybe they will have a little more flexibility and willingness to learn not just about their kids but with their kids when it comes to life.

Kids may never remember all the good things we do for them but they will suffer for all the good things we don't do.


Lisa said...

Yikes! I disappear for a couple of weeks and all hell has broken loose :)

I feel for you. I do. And I guess I don't really understand why people have kids and then turn them over for someone else to raise.


Riss said...

(c: Yeah...about that hehe. I've been here for a few months. I should be used to this. The "that doesn't matter" is new. Hopefully I didn't sound like too crazy. I was definitely a bit peeved last night. It's all good. I think I shocked them into being good for a few days at least. (c: All it took was me almost slamming a door. I'm off to Switzerland on Friday.

How's the writing?

Ello said...

Seriously, I am so behind you on this one. Hurray for your rant! Now if only those stupid irresponsibly overindulgent parents would understnad this!

I know these kids and parents myself, they are all over my neighborhood. They make me crazy. I want to smack them all, kid and parents.

Riss said...

amen Ello (c: I think we should storm all their houses and beat them until they can blissfully pull their heads out of their respective arses. (c: