Monday, March 31, 2008

The Irony of Being Me

Why is it that when writing a story involving the Muses I can't seem to think of anything creative? Don't they hear me out there...wherever they are? C'mon break is over.

Anyway-been pounding keys-a vastly different task than actually writing-and have now decided to rant about it for at least a few sentences. Write something that is coherent instead of babble. Inane at that.

So yes-I'm back in Germany as stated, which is great-it gives me time to work on my artwork, draw aimlessly for a few hours if I want (the latest trend seems to be having the kids either hand me Pokemon cards to draw or setting up still life images with their stuffed animals) and whatnot. Problem is, it also gives me time to think about all the other things that I want to be doing and to worry about getting things "done". That seems to be a constant theme in my life. Looking towards the end of something and occasionally paying attention along the way.

Another consistent yet completely unhelpful trait: I'm great at the theory behind how things are's the doing part that I suck at. I can bullshit my way through just about anything I dare say but ask me to actually do something productive with my knowledge or....gasp....follow my own advice and well...the flash paper and pretty lights go up in smoke and you're left there gape mouthed doing nothing. As per usual. :D

Hooray for artistic angst. Or something. I'm not sure what. I did have a really great time, as mentioned, in Barcelona enjoying all the beautiful artwork and architecture of the ever-playful Gaudi. A lot of it got me thinking too...which is a blessing and got me started on an idea for a gallery show when I get back to the states and or find a gallery willing to show my work. That could be anywhere.

So yeah-when I was in Budapest I was asked what I liked about art. Sort of a vague question but important. I said surprises and color and texture and stuff like that. I was reminded of this as I was walking around Barcelona taking photos of random things. I did my touristic duties and took photos of all the cool monuments and the beach and all that great stuff but I also found myself taking photos of things that were out of place, or flashes of color or weird cracks on the steps. I've always done this, but I think now I am getting a handle on why....because I like surprises. Maybe that's why I'm a big fan of Pantsing...even if it does threaten to drown me in uncertainty.

But yes...I am wandering. My gallery show idea/potential body of work concept is to take these photographs and find maybe...6 good ones. Ones that really depict and discuss a specific artistic element. That communicate. And then recreate them using the different techniques that I know, mainly Fiber and Painting. So each photo would have two or three interpretations. I think this would not only be an interesting project because it would give me some insight into how I think and visually process things (and who doesn't love mental clarity) but, it would be an interesting way to document and exhibit the elements of travel and story and the such that I seem to be a complete sucker for.

Anyway...really no other point to this blog than to keep my fingers moving and hopefully calm some of the storm raging in my brain as I fight myself for the right answer to things. I'm going to go attempt to do something productive. Or sleep. That could be a good thing too. Kids will be here at 7am as always (assuming Johannes doesn't decide to play Alarm Clock again) and will be demanding irrational things like breakfast and school snacks.

Goodnight. And to the muses: Your unemployment checks are in the mail.

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