Sunday, March 9, 2008


So its not very warm here at the moment...but I think that Rome will be better. I'm having a blast in Florence so far though. I've been walking my tail off everywhere in the city that I can find to go. I went to see the David, which was the most amazing thing. I can't begin to describe it in words. He was breathing. It was beautiful. Currently hanging out at the hostel, no chapter three yet, mainly because I couldn't bring my laptop with me and this is the most time I've had to sit at a computer since I got here. I am writing it via notebook and pen however-it exists, just not digitally yet hehe.

Waiting at the moment to get some dinner. Staying at a bed and breakfast that is pretty cool. Florence is a great city, its a bit slow at night but overall I really like it. I have been taking some cool photos, so hopefully I'll get the chance to get them uploaded shortly. We'll see about that.

I checked out The Uffizi Gallery the day before yesterday. That was amazing. Everything in Florence has been amazing so far. I also sinned and bought myself a leather jacket. I got a good deal on it though (no, really-guy wanted 260, I paid 75) and I wore it around for the first time today. It was cool. (c:

I am currently searching for some accomodation in Rome. I have a few potentials but the ones I thought I could count on ended up not working on so well. No problem I guess.

I could kick myself for not bringing my sketchbook. I don't know where my head has been the past couple days. I blame...I dunno what. No good reason really.

So Florence has the most amazing bridges...they aren't big, they aren't extra long, they are just beautiful. And there are a lot of them. Four maybe five? Great. One, Ponte Vecchio is insane-they turned it into a strip of shops basically so there's always tourists but it's a neat experience even if it is crowded. I took some cool pics from the bridge...and got some really good ones when I went to the Boboli gardens which are part of the Palazzo Pitti which belonged to Cosimo De Medici II. :D I also checked out his apartments and all the corresponding artwork. Holy crap. Sensory overload but amazing nonetheless.

I have been getting some good ideas for "Beyond the Seven Seas" as well....lots of mythology that played into the Italian history existance, it turns out. Sort of the whole Mediterranean thing I think.

Uhm....what else....not a whole lot really, just been exploring and exploring and exploring. I saw some original Michaelangelo's which floored me. I realized at one point though that I needed to take a break and eat something, even if it was too much money, because I wasn't fully enjoying things. I have been doing pretty good money wise though. It was crazy when I first got into town-flew in to Pisa-crazy turbulance-and met some nice German guys on the train between Pisa and Florence, hung out with them-turns out their friend that they were meeting lives on the same street as the Bed and Breakfast I am at, so that was cool. We got into town really late because the train broke down a few times...I think it was a symptom of getting in so late at night. It was all good though. (c:

Okies, not a whole lot left. There will be more once I get to Roma. hehe. (c:

Alrighty kids, Enjoy and I'll talk to ya'll laters!


Lisa said...

What an amazing adventure! Scott and I were just talking about Florence last night. It's one place in Europe that I really want to see before I die. Hopefully, I still have plenty of time :)

Riss said...

lol. yes I would say so.

Its great. there is no nightlife an things close really damn early but its great. you should come in the next few months and we can hang out in Rome. hehe. Im in love. :D