Saturday, February 16, 2008

New to this

Hello all. I am going to be attempting to join the Dickens Challenge using this forum. I am both terrified and excited but perhaps that is how all things should begin in life. (c: Anyway, I look forward to reading and, if anyone has a free moment, hearing from all of the talented people who have already begun. I should have some work up hopefully in the next few days, I am currently staying with a family in Germany watching their children. They keep me busy but I have some free time during the days. Thanks!


Lisa said...

hooray! i get to leave the first comment on your new blog and welcome you to the Dickens Challenge -- my left shift key just flaked out, so excuse the bad punctuation please!

i just sent you an email and look forward to seeing your posts and praise your courage in joining us. it is a very warm and kind environment, so even though it feels scary, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. We're all just hanging out there posting our first draft stuff and hoping to keep the momentum up to get to "the end".

hope to hear back from you soon and read your first chapter!

Riss said...

Yay! The blog has been christened. (c: Ok, so I'm posting a day early and agonizing over a few details. I'm going to try and keep my initial thoughts out of this and hope that everyone can catch a breath between their writings to glance at mine. (c: Have fun kids.

CindyLV said...

Hi Larissa -- Just started reading. I'm having a little trouble with the red text on green background (my eyes are OLD!). Looking forward to seeing you around. Thanks for making the plunge -- you'll love it here!


Riss said...

I'll change the font...i was having a little too much fun with all the pretty color options. (c: