Wednesday, February 27, 2008


not quite as glamorous as island hopping I'll admit but I hate MySpace. I have decided, that despite the fact that I have not felt very blogative lately that I am going to be relocating my travel blog/journal whathaveyouness from Myspace to here. Hooray. (c: I shall be moving the new furniture in sometime next week. I am currently in Germany, in a town called Wilhelmshaven. It is near the North Sea, which makes for some cold weather and windy days. I am making plans to travel to Italy next-I am thinking that will provide me with some more interesting stories. As of late, I have been up to my ears in children. They are good children and they are sweet children, but god are they children. They are noisy and fun and we have a good time playing soccer in the backyard and playing Monopoly-in German-and watching movies but I am ready for some sunshine and childfree weekends! (c:

I am currently working on some different art projects-The Dicken's Challenge and my paintings to name a few-I will hopefully be able to provide some links to my recent work in the coming weeks. I am going to have to figure out how to pack these things! Goodbye stretcher bars.

Alrighty, well...I hate forced writing and as I've said, not been in the mood lately to expound on any of my deeper, fleeting thoughts. I will be posting weekly with the Dickens Challenge and will be adding more blogs and content as the mood strikes me. I will be traveling to Berlin again in April and I will be doing some hiking in the Alps near the end of April and the beginning of May. Stay tuned.


Lisa said...

Stay warm and safe travels!

Riss said...

Thanks! (c: I'm so bugging off to Italy for at least a week. hehe. The kids are going on school holiday, I'm taking the opportunity to split for a bit. (c: I'll be posting photos.