Friday, August 22, 2008

Just a few words before I go

Where I'm not entirely sure. I am ready to go home but that is a loaded word with only shadows. So we'll see.

Just a few notes and then I'm getting some real sleep.

1. Had some good news about the store that has my jewelry for commission in their shop in Weston, MO-some stuff sold. It hasn't been down there a full month (we had to pull inventory for a weekend here and there) so I'm pretty happy.

2. I jumped off the cliff and signed up for this huge Women's Life Expo that is coming through the KC Convention Center-a chance to sell my jewelry and my art to thousands of people-specifically women. Wish me luck.

3. I am reassessing my previous ability to cope with things. Perhaps I have found my limit for bullshit.

I found a marked improvement in my German. Makes me feel pretty good in a way-now to fill in the holes.

Estonia is my new secret. It was a really wonderful time and overall a great experience. I got a good dose of learning to be with just me---which was a little dull at times honestly. I guess I'm not as engaging as I thought hehe. Regardless-I wouldn't trade it for anything. I developed my skills as a drawer and rediscovered my passion for Oil Pastels. And I did a silk painting that I am quite pleased with. It has flow, it has a good composition, I paced myself and let it guide me--I feel alright about the process. Which is what I'm all about anyway.

Tallinn is a fantastic city full of great people. Witnessing the precursor to their Independence Day was something that I will never forget. People can belittle patriotism all they want but coming from a people who literally spent almost 7 centuries being owned by everyone else it's a truly humbling experience. They held a Singing Festival in honor of the Singing Revolution. There is something pretty cool about standing in a crowd of 300,000 listening to them sing songs about freedom. I dunno-maybe it's just me and my love of history but wow.

I started to make some more jewelry, which is good since I have this big ol' sale coming up in October. Lots of things to balance, now if my brain can just keep up with me so I don't go crazy and lose all the ground I've covered so far, we'll be alright.


That's all for now. I'm going to try and get some sleep and shake whatever it is that is making me run a fever and have a swollen throat.

And the writing continues. I hope to have Chapter 6 pushed to an end if not the end by Sunday.

Thank god school starts soon for the kids.


Steve Malley said...

Glad everything's going well, and sorry I've been such a slug on the emails. Dang old writing.

Before you leave Estonia, make sure you wish 'em "Üks õlu, palun" for me!

Lisa said...

I'm here, I'm here and I owe you some comments on Chapter 5. I did read it but I was in a hurry and you deserve a closer read. I need to read 1-4 again!

reality967 said...

Good luck with the sales.
Nothing like a bit of solitude to tell you how unimportant we are in the greater scheme of things.
Or should it be the other way around.

Riss said...

ha Usman, thanks for that. I'll remember that for the next time. And yes, I think you have it backwards. It's a symptom of being Me and growing up in this era that has led to a few misfires in being able to just sit and do nothing. But I managed. And I made some cool art work. And thanks, I'm going to be keeping my fingers crossed. (c: